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Life at Norlha Blog

Dinner in the Vastness

My parents loved beautiful tableware. I inherited dozens of tablecloths, tea and coffee cups, dishes which my father hand painted, silver platters and a myriad of other objects for old fashioned entertaining in a big house. Some of these exquisite objects made their way to the Roof of the World and into Dechen and Yidam’s house.

One day we decided to use them as props for our setting of “Dinner in the Pasture;” Norlha dyers, managers and weavers modeling Norlha scarves, shirts and hats while sitting at a table covered by an antique Italian tablecloth and loaded with fruit. Meissen chandeliers, fine hand painted china and Wedgewood cups add to the setting against a backdrop of immense sky and endless pasture with horses and sheep wandering in and out of the frame.

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