Pink Bramble
Pink Bramble
Pink Bramble
Pink Bramble
Pink Bramble
Pink Bramble

Urban Chic Loose Basket Scarf - Yak Khullu & Silk


Chic Loose Basket gives your outfit a distressed, yet elegant look.

It lets trough the breeze and blocks the chill of a cool evening wind. A ray of light unearths the silk buried in the weave with a soft flow.

Material: 70% Yak Khullu, 30% Silk.
Finishing: 4cm with Knot.
Size: 70x 190cm.
Color: Pink Bramble, Winter Sky.
Origin: Handwoven at Norlha's Atelier on the Tibetan Plateau.

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Namkha's Story

The Urban Chic Loose Basket is our tailor Namkha’s favorite scarf.

“I feel different in this scarf. It dares me to stray away from convention. Last year at tryouts I only made it to the ‘B’ team in Norlha basketball but I worked hard, made it to every practice and against all expectations got into the A team. I like doing the unexpected.”