Feather Light Scarf - Yak Khullu & Silk


Feather Light is one of Norlha's classic pieces.

The simple, plain weave, which makes the slightest fault apparent, makes it extremely challenging for the weavers to achieve a perfect rhythm. To this day only a few weavers are qualified to weave this piece. Light in weight and extremely durable it is perfect to spruce up one's outfit on any occasion; outdoors or indoors, formal or informal.

Material: 50% Yak Khullu, 50% Silk.
Finishing; Handsewn, Rolled Edge.
Size: 70 x 190 cm.
Color: Marmot, Lake.
Origin: Handwoven at Norlha's Atelier on the Tibetan Plateau.

Who Made Your Product

Dugmo Tso's Story

Feather light is felter Dugmo Tso’s perfect piece.

“I am not fashionable like the younger girls at the workshop, but I feel this is a scarf that both the younger and the older can enjoy. Having lived most of my life as a nomad, I have come to see the sky as the orchestrator of our fortunes. For me, this scarf is a symbol of the sky”