Norlha's People

Summer: Favorite Scarves 

Wandi Kyi

Urban Chic Forest is weaver Wandi Kyi’s favorite scarf. Wandi Kyi met her husband at Norlha and together they have three children. “I love how weightless yet warm this scarf is. As a weaver I am constantly challenged by new patterns. I remember the first time I wove this particular pattern. It was hard to get the foot balance right but now there is a certain satisfaction in having achieved the perfect rhythm.”

Tsering Kyi

Urban Chic Cross is Tsering Kyi’s favorite scarf. “I love Norlha because in many ways it is more than a job. I recently joined the Norlha girls basketball team. I am somewhat of a tomboy at heart and was happy to have a chance to play sports even after leaving school. I like this scarf as it doesn’t demand a lot of care but is such a great shield against the unpredictable plateau weather.”


Urban Glacier Herringbone is Wandi's favorite scarf. Wandi is married to a Norlha weaver and they have a son and daughter. They depend solely on Norlha for their livelihood and this year their savings allowed them to add a new extension to their house. “I think life is about being brave. I love Norlha because it challenges me. Having never been to school, I started working at Norlha at 18. Today I am the head of the dyeing section. The work challenges me everyday.”


Treasure Double-sided is the favorite scarf of Gyamtso, head of the felting section. “My wife is a weaver and when she comes home she always talks about what she has been weaving. She loves this blend of yak and cashmere as she says it is simple to weave but there is a beauty in its simplicity, especially in the play of colors. If you are in a good mood, you show off the bright side and on days where you must remain low key, you can turn it to the darker shade. I like that. I like having options in life.”

Wandi Kyi

Nomad Connections is is Norlha tailor Wandi Kyi's favorite scarf. “I left Ritoma village when I was young because there were no opportunities here. Later, I returned and at first I found it challenging to re-adapt to village life but at Norlha I have found my friends and made my family. I have found my roots again. I think life is about connections and this scarf seems to say it all!”

Tsering Dolma

Nomad Crossroads is Tsering Dolma’s favorite scarf. Tsering Dolma worked in finishing but now runs the Norlha Guesthouse. “People say that even when I smile my eyes are sad. I don’t dispute them. I am happy that I have a secure job that I love, but something deep inside me will always be sad. I like this scarf because it has different shades. It is like the different moods that wash over me. The day my daughter recovers from her illness, I will choose a brighter scarf as my favorite.”


Nomad All-Weather is our sales manager Dorjee Rinchen’s favorite, “I love this shawl as I can wear it over anything; a traditional outfit, or jeans and a sweater. I feel casual yet presentable, different, and special.” Dorjee Rinchen has worked with Norlha since 2007. He grew up in a nomadic family and was especially skilled at herding sheep. He left his home seeking an education, taught himself English and attended an alternative school for young adults for six years. Today, after much hard work and perseverance, he has become Norlha’s Sales Manager.

Wandi Tso

Nomad Snow is website assistant Wandi Tso’s favorite scarf. “I love the pattern, the light weight and the size. On a chilly day when I don't know what to wear, it's always easy to cozy up with a large shawl.” Wandi Tso is from a local nomad family. She attended school, but had to leave due to health issues. She worked her way into her present position thanks to her diligence and resourcefulness. Wandi Tso is married to the weaving section manager and they have a two year old son.

Wandi Kyi

Nomad Shades is Wandi Kyi’s favorite product. Wandi Kyi is a cook at Norlha Textiles and was a nomad until a year ago. “I love green. It reminds me of the pastures, of herding and of summer. This scarf has several shades of green in a single piece, which makes me think of the rolling hills on the plateau and the different shadows that the clouds cast over it. Herding is very difficult and I am thankful for not having to worry about sick or hungry animals anymore, but the pastures will always be a part of me and this scarf reminds me of that.”

Yimtso Kyi

Shepherd Waves is Norlha weaver Yimtso’s favorite scarf. “I am a happy person. I even smile when I tell a sad story. Sometimes people ask me why I am always smiling. I think it is just my personality. And why not? I have two healthy children and, as a weaver, I am one of the most accomplished artisans at Norlha, so why not smile?”


Nomad Crossing is the favorite scarf of Wanlo, who works in preparation and distributes thread to all the weavers. “I love this piece because it is asymmetrical. Tibetans generally look for symmetry though I feel life doesn’t work that way. I always wanted to be a weaver. I am strong and I thought I could be one but after three months of trying, I felt so bad at how much precious thread I wasted that I gave up. I now prepare thread for the weavers and while it is a simple job, it is an important one. I never mix up the different threads and I feel like I'm making a real contribution towards a perfect finished piece”

Dugya Bum

Feather Plaid is dyer Dugya Bum’s favorite piece. Dugya Bum joined Norlha at the age of 17. Today he is married to a Norlha tailor and their joint income supports their family of six, earning them the coveted status of a stable earning young couple in the village. Both Dugya Bum and his wife play basketball for Norlha. “I love orange and I think it is this blend of yak and silk which lends real brilliance to the color. I am a dyer and I really appreciate bright colors, because they are the most challenging to achieve.”


Urban Chic Loose Basket is our tailor Namkha’s favorite scarf. “I feel different in this scarf. It dares me to stray away from convention. Last year at basketball tryouts I only made it on the Norlha B team but I worked hard, went to every practice, and against all expectations finally made the A team. I like doing the unexpected.”

Dolkar Tso

Feather Light is felter Dolkar Tso’s perfect piece. “I am not fashionable like the younger girls at the workshop, but I feel this is a scarf that both the younger and the older can enjoy. Having lived most of my life as a nomad, I have come to see the sky as the orchestrator of our fortunes. For me, this scarf is a symbol of the sky.”


Urban Chic Double Twill is head of quality control Lobsang’s favorite scarf. “I was famous in the village for being able to identify any sheep to its owner, no matter whose herd it came from. This made me an ideal candidate for quality control as it required the same attention to detail in order to excel. I love this scarf, as it is the one that challenges me the most. When this scarf passes the check on each level, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction.”