Mothers of Norlha

Founded by a mother and daughter, the majority of Norlha employees are mothers themselves...

Lhamo Tso

"When I first came to Norlha I was only fifteen years old. I started as a vocational trainee in the tailoring section. I met my husband at Norlha. He was being trained as a photographer and I often posed as his model in Norlha scarves. Today, six years later, we have two sons and live with my parents, and I work in the tailoring section. I am most thankful to Norlha for giving me and my husband a chance to remain in our home village and still be steady providers for our family.”

Wandi Kyi

"I met my husband at Norlha when I was in my early twenties. We were two of the first ten employees that Norlha recruited in 2007. Today we have three children. I think my second son has my personality in loving fun and games while also knowing the importance of working hard and paying attention to details. I am a weaver at Norlha and often do the first samples for new designs.”

Rinchen Tso

"My daughter is ten and my son is almost two. When my daughter was born, I was still a nomad and my parents helped raise her as I was too busy in the pastures tending to animals. Working at Norlha these past six years has allowed me to have a family life with my children and also with my parents as they approach old age. I feel that being able to live in the village and earn an income has allowed me to have the best of two worlds.”

Dugmo Kyi

"I am a mother of three daughters and the first weaver to be recruited by Norlha. I want my daughters to have opportunities that I never had growing up. I want them to learn many languages so that they can travel the world to see and learn new things. I never realized the importance of this until I traveled for the first time as Norlha’s first recruit. We went to Cambodia and Nepal for training, and while the experience was new and frightening for a young woman who had never left her village, I returned with a wonderful vision of the world.”


"I am a knitter at Norlha. Life was full of challenges before I came to Norlha. I was in town trying to make ends meet but life was rough and people are not very nice when you have nothing. I returned when I heard that Norlha was recruiting. I have been with Norlha for nine years now and my life has turned around. I have a stable source of income, two children and a chance to be surrounded by people who know me and my family. I am finally home.”

Menlha Tso

"My daughter and I both work at Norlha. I am a felter and she is in quality control in the weaving section. We live together with my daughter’s two young children. Before I worked at Norlha, we had very few animals so our income came from seasonal jobs in construction labor and collecting natural herbs and plants, namely caterpillar fungus. Collecting caterpillar fungus was a strenuous job and after two years of hardship and no earnings, I decided to apply for a job at Norlha. Life is a lot less stressful with a steady source of income. We can now plan for our next steps; renovating the house and going on a pilgrimage to Lhasa.”

Pema Tso

"One of my relatives who is a monk helped me ask for a job at Norlha. At the time there weren’t so many applicants and it was still possible to get jobs. Today everyone in the village wants a job at Norlha and there are only limited openings. I am thankful for having applied five years ago when it still wasn’t so competitive. I work in the tailoring section. After school my daughter comes to the workshop to find me and wait for me while I attend the employee yoga classes. She laughs at the different poses and it is fun to share another side of myself with her.”