Sonam Coats & Vests

An embodiment of the ancient and the modern; tradition and design through innovation

For centures, Tibetan nomads have used felted sheep wool as raincoats to brave the plateau's summer storms and winter blizzards. At Norlha, we took inspiration from the ancient felting techniques and through innovation, developed the world's finest yak wool felt fabric.

Pema Ponchos

Befriend the cool with a warm embrace.

As in the case of its South American cousin, on the Tibetan Plateau the poncho is worn for riding, for walking in the rain and braving the ever changing mountain weather. In the past, nomad ponchos were made from thick felt, and often included a head cover. They were heavy, but provided protection from rain and chill. Norlha’s ponchos are light and warm and made from our handwoven yak khullu.