Yak Khullu Fabrics

Norlha spent ten years researching ways of weaving the most luxurious fabrics from yak khullu

With highly skilled weavers and years of experience with fibers such as wool and silk, we explored the qualities that yak can bring to fabric. The result was beyond our expectation. So inspired, we developed an exclusive line, in 100% as well as blended weaves, bringing the concept of luxury fabrics to another level.

Yak khullu lends itself beautifully to fabric. 100% yak khullu is very light and highly insulating, 50% more so than wool, so that a yak khullu fabric is not only soft and enveloping it is also very warm.

Yak khullu is sumptuous and resilient: it is elastic, drapes beautifully, is mostly waterproof, and retains its shape. It makes wonderful fabrics for coats, jackets, dresses or pants, but also can be used in home furnishings as drapes or upholstery for a couch or chair, or to cover walls.

Though we provide a rich variety of 100% yak khullu, we have created a range of blends with wool and silk that open new possibilities in flexibility and versatility.