Felt Fabrics

Among the nomads of Central Asia, felt, which is waterproof, was used to make a wide variety of everyday items such as tents, clothing and rugs, many of which were intricately ornamented

Tibetan nomad women are skilled felt makers, using sheep wool to make wares for everyday use. Norlha is the first to make felt from yak wool.

Combining modern techniques with traditional handwork Norlha developed its own methods to transform raw yak wool into felt. The basic process begins with dyeing the clean, uncarded wool, as most of our felt textiles are dyed, after which we toss it to untangle it. The wool is then carded and made into batts ready for felting. 

Norlha felt comes in compositions of 100% yak khullu or 70% yak khullu and 30% wool, in panels of 100 x 200cm, and in a variety of thicknesses measured in gr/m2.