Delek Carpet Collection

A rare blend of artisanal skill, modernity and tradition

Handwoven in Tibetan tradition on vertical looms, the wool is sourced in central Tibet where the indigenous sheep yields a fiber celebrated for it length and fineness. In the first part of the 20th century, this wool was Tibet’s most important export. In today’s commercial marketplace, it is increasingly rare to find carpets woven purely from this fiber.

Norlha gives great importance to the fiber preparation, by separating, washing and cleaning the wool thoroughly, retaining only the very best fibers from each batch. Norlha is also unique in mixing yak wool fiber into the carpets from a mix of sheep and yak wool in designs or patterns that reflect tradition in a contemporary way.

Norlha carpet wool is handspun, and each carpet takes one person about two months to complete. Norlha’s carpet wool is not dyed, so we create shades ranging from off white (the sheep’s natural color) to dark brown, the most common color for yak wool. The wools are mixed, creating the intermediary shades.