Norlha Textiles | Our Story: Blog - Giving and Yaks
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Tibetan Culture and Religion

Giving and Yaks

Giving is a core value in Tibetan Buddhism; One can give material gifts, but also less tangible, more powerful offerings; love, time, or dedication. Even in the case of material gifts, the motivation behind the offering is crucial towards acquiring positive karma. Though the complexities in the philosophy of give and take lies with the scholars and philosophers, lay people live or aspire to live according to its tenets. For centuries the life of nomads have revolved around their yaks, which are central to their identity. Nomads never forget that Yaks are the basis for their survival, the providers of all their needs; milk, meat, hair and khullu, and in this light, are referred to as ‘nor’ or wealth. Though humans take from the yaks, they treat them with respect and protect them, care for them when they are sick or hurt, and always keep a few to live out their lives, the ‘tsethars’, labelled as such with a colorful collar. Norlha’s products are all made from yak khullu, making the yak central to Norlha. Our employees are ex-nomads who still cherish the life that the yak brought and continues to bring them through their work at the atelier. At Norlha, we take khullu from the yak to give back to the nomads and beyond. Our products offer the perfect opportunity to give to loved ones; timeless, lusciously soft and made to last a lifetime, they are a treasure that can be cherished and shared.

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