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The Yeti's of Norlha

Nomads from the Tibetan Plateau knows of Yeti's and are quite sure that, unlike wolves and the legends that spread in the West, they will not snatch their sheep or yaks.

Spotting one is rare, since they are more furtive than marmots, and certainly less noisy. They are not nearly as big as described by European authors or frightened travelers who probably confused them with Brown Bears. Yeti's live in rocky areas high in the pasture and keep to themselves.

Often children minding sheep and yaks at high altitudes will spot a Yeti or even become acquainted with one. Norlha Yeti's, made from yak felt by Norlha’s women tailors, were modeled on the childhood memories of a Norlha Guard, a secret he kept jealously until he decided to share it, mostly for the sake of his grandchildren. They are a family; Grandpa Yeti Thopdan, Kunga the Snow Yeti and Dhame, the Wild Yeti. Together, they delight the children of the world.

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