Norlha Textiles | Our Story: Blog - The Color White
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The Color White

On the Tibetan Plateau, white stands for purity, knowledge and learning. White is auspicious, as symbolized by white silk scarves offered to guests as a mark of welcome or white yogurt that is served before seeing them off. As an object of meditation, white is known for its power for severing delusions and ignorance and turning them into the wisdom that perceives all phenomenon as empty in nature.

White yaks are extremely rare on the Tibetan plateau with only one in a herd of about 1000. When collecting our yearly wool, Norlha sets aside the white yak khullu (wool) to later spin and weave into white yak khullu scarves. These scarves and shawls are neither dyed nor bleached. They are Norlha’s most precious pieces, that mirror the snowy mountains, winter landscape and icy rivers that make up the delicate eco-system of the Tibetan plateau. Norlha’s white scarf stands for the pristine, untouched purity of nature.

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