Norlha Textiles | Our Story: Blog - Shades of Grey
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Shades of Grey

While brighter colors grab our attention and stir our emotions, we tend to underestimate the power of the many shades of grey that soothe our minds and set our moods in between. Tibet is a land where bright colors can look their brightest, enhanced by the rarified atmosphere and set on a background of subtler tones. Nature is filled with greys, not only backdrops, but powerful qualities unto themselves.
Norlha works with three natural shades of the yak, and the most versatile of these is the beautiful warm grey of the grey yak, about 10% of animals in any given herd. In researching our subtler colors, we found of wealth of additional inspiration from the natural environment around Norlha in the rocks, the sky, the clouds and the slate used as flagstones that run from the warmest and lightest to the coolest and darkest, with everything in between.

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