Norlha Textiles | Our Story: Press
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New York Times

“The products they make are absolutely beautiful. They are taking the traditional skills they have and marketing it to the outside world. Few people know nomads can make such beautiful products. People don’t know they have been doing it for centuries."

“[Norlha artisans] don’t have to leave the village. They can walk to the workshop in five minutes. I think that’s so important for them, so they can be with their family. They can have a job and spend time with their family."

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Vanity Fair

"In case you were wondering what the chicest and coziest scarf to wear for this awfully chilly start to spring looked like, this is it. Norlha is undoubtedly my coolest find of 2015. Their goods are made in Tibet by local craftsmen who use only the finest yak wool."

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Rewire Me

"Norlha Textiles—a leading enterprise in Tibet and one of the few local brands in the world to combine cultural and environmental sustainability with the aspirations of discerning customers."


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Trend Tablet by Edelkoort

"Norlha’s founders believe that culture thrives where people are happy, earning enough to sustain themselves, and free from the need of migration as a means of income. Their purpose is to develop the local economy and provide a livelihood in the village itself."


"Norlha is timeless. Once you own a Norlha, it is your companion, it will travel with you through your life. It is something that can pass into the hands of your children and your grandchildren. It will come with a story and will enrich with your story and those of your children." 

"Norlha products are about contributing to the life of the maker and that of the consumer."

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