Norlha Textiles | Our Story: Blog - Serwu Kyap
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Serwu Kyap

For Norlha employees, who lived as nomads, work at the atelier is a new chapter in their lives. Though sheltered from the snow, rain and snow, they still remain very connected to their environment.

Serwu kyap was born on the grasslands of Amdo, the second in a family of four sons. Raised a nomad, he participated in his family’s life, herding sheep and yak until the age of 27, when he joined Norlha. There, he became acquainted with accounting, Excel and computers, a life very different from the one he had lived previously.

Serwu kyap has three sons, two of monks at Labrang Monastery, studying Buddhist dialectics. His youngest son lives with him. Theirs is a family who has successfully embraced modernity while keeping alive traditional values and culture.
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