Norlha Textiles | Our Story: Blog - Andrew Taylor,a gift from LA to Norlha
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Andrew Taylor, a gift from LA to Norlha

Andrew Taylor is from Los Angeles, California and this is his second year at Norlha. Andrew is a tutor to two little girls during the day, and in the evenings and early mornings he teaches yoga to the Norlha employees, most of whom were leading a life of herding not too many years ago. Today, while practicing yoga with Andrew, they can enjoy the outdoors and nature as they always have though in a way that would have previously been seen as an indulgence. Andrew also leads meditation classes for guests at nearby Norden Camp, a luxury camp set in the middle of the nomadic grasslands. We at Norlha often use Andrew as a model for our products in appreciation of the diversity that he brings to our little community.

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