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How fast to wear a Chuba

In Tibet, men and women wear the same outer garment, the chuba, though they don it in different ways, the women ankle length, while men pull it up to mid-calf or the knee. In both cases, they are tied with a bright red sash. At Norlha’s annual picnic, during which everyone eats and has fun for three days, one of the games was a chuba wearing speed contest. First the chuba itself, then the sash, followed by the silver belt .

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Baby Yak for Baby

Baby yaks are born in early Spring. By mid-March, they can be seen toddling behind their mothers, and by June, the yeko, as they are called, are clustered together into play groups, running and hopping across the grassland. A yeko is born with a soft layer of down, which it keeps into its second year. After it has passed its first winter, the warming air loosens this down, which molts and falls. This molt is the yak’s finest fiber, sought by Norlha in our quest for the best. We transform the baby yak’s discarded gem the into a treasure for our babies, most in need of warmth and protection, and it becomes soft, cozy, lasting and washable blankets, hats and booties.

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Andrew Taylor, a gift from LA to Norlha

Andrew Taylor is from LA and this is his second year at Norlha. Andrew is a tutor to two little girls during the day and in the evenings and early mornings, he teaches yoga to the Norlha employees. For all his students, this is the first time in their lives that they practice yoga. Most of these employees were leading a life of herding not too many years ago. Today they can enjoy the outdoors in an appreciation of nature that is not unfamiliar but that would have once been seen as an indulgence. He also leads meditation classes for guests at nearby Norden camp, a luxury camp set in the middle of the nomadic grasslands. We at Norlha often use Andrew as a model for our products in appreciation of the diversity that he brings to our little community here at Norlha.

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An American on the Plateau

Willard Johnson is from Seattle, USA. He studied at MIT and after graduating pursued his passion for basketball, playing on teams in Australia, Iceland, Cape Verde and Costa Rica. His thirst for travel, hunger for new experiences and love of coaching brought him to the Tibetan Plateau and Norlha atelier in fall of 2015. Today, he works as a part of Norlha’s sales team during the day and coaches basketball to Norlha’s team in the evenings. In addition, he started SEWN (Strength and Empowerment for Women of Norlha) a support group that encourages young Nomad girls employed at Norlha to study English, play Basketball and find courage to explore new things in life. The Norlha community and Ritoma Village at large have come to love Bill’s free spirit and enthusiasm in all aspects of life on the Plateau.

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Mother's Day

Compassion is the core of Buddhist practice. Developed through mind training, it is generated through projecting all sentient beings as having been one’s mother, in one existence or another. This analogy is powerful and universal, the bond between mother and child being the strongest there is, not only with humans, capable of thought, but also among animals. With Mother’s day approaching, Norlha celebrates the bond at the core of our being, the one that exemplifies the strongest love there is; one to appreciate, cherish or remember. We present you with a gallery of portraits of mothers with their children, from the human and animal realms.

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