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The Table

Norlha’s Table Collection brings warmth and elegance to any environment. Our hand felted mats and runners highlight rustic Tibetan elements and foodstuffs in the décor; a nomad butter box full of seasonal walnuts, a pat of fresh yak butter and barley. Bring warmth and elegance into your home. Mats come in brown with a blue border and grey with a brown border. For more details,

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Norlha's Carpet Collection

Tibetan carpets are recognized in the world of home décor for their colorful patterns and for a quality that will last you a lifetime. Conclusive evidence on weaving traditions on the Tibetan plateau can be found as early as AD 600 during the time of Tibet’s great king Songtsen Gampo and later, during China’s Tang dynasty. Over the centuries, Tibetan designs have reflected influence from India, Persia and China, though weaving techniques are uniquely Tibetan, a distinctive method of mounting the warp on a vertical loom.

In June of 2016, Norlha opened its carpet section in Labrang, a reflection of Norlha’s efforts to preserve and uphold tradition. Our carpets are knotted from Central Tibetan sheep wool, known for its fine, long fiber and which was, until the middle of the 20th century, Tibet’s main export. Today it has been largely forgotten and it has become increasingly rare to find carpets woven purely out of Tibetan wool.

As in all our projects, Norlha works in vertical fashion, supervising all steps in a process. We separate, wash and clean the wool which we have personally sourced thoroughly, retaining only the very softest of the fibers in each batch. We work only with natural shades of wool and to obtain variations we mix yak wool fiber into our thread, a process unique to Norlha.

The wool for our carpets is hand spun, taking a woman twenty days to spin the wool for a single carpet. Our carpets are knotted on traditional Tibetan vertical looms and it takes a weaver up to 30 days to weave a standard sized carpet, making the final product nearly two months to complete.

Though we use Tibetan weaving and knotting techniques, we innovate with simplified Tibetan inspired designs, making our carpets adaptable to a wide range of decorative environments. A Norlha rug is timeless and made to last a family a lifetime. .

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Norlha's Heritage Collection

Norlha products are about being comfortably chic. They are cross-cultural and men and women of all ages can easily find a pretext for discarding the need to conform to common identities by sporting the scarf that truly embraces their unique individuality,

Norlha’s 2017 collection, highlights the importance of the ‘Heritage’ concept. We seek to evoke a sense of nostalgia for products with stories and in Norlha’s case, in the handiwork that went into the product, the raw nomadic life of the people who made it and the cross cultural identity of the designers. This collection is a happy mix of fashion and vintage. It encourages people to be fashion forward, contributing positively to a colorful future all the while paying tribute to the past. The combination of the workmanship in a Norlha product, the artisan’s story and the inspiration behind the design are what brings our products to life. Heritage is an invitation to let Norlha become who you are for generations to come.

The Spring/Summer scarves of Norlha’s Heritage collection are a blend of yak and silk giving a light, enveloping scarf, shielding one from the spring breeze. Farewell winter, and welcome to new beginnings! .

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Nomad Zen

My father’s favorite color is red. Not any red, but a dark maroon, the same shade as that of a Tibetan monk’s robes and that of the sacred walls in Tibetan monasteries. This is the color that reminds him of the many footprints he has left within the monastery walls. Having lived overseas for over fifty years now, for him maroon is a nostalgic color, a color that connects him to his homeland.

For most Tibetans, red is a sacred and auspicious color that is believed to have protective qualities. Tibetan women celebrate red in the coral that they wear. Coral is one of the five sacred stones of Tibetan Buddhists. It symbolizes the energy of life force and is seen to bring success in life; a source of positive essence.

At Norlha, achieving the perfect red was no easy feat. Red has a multitude of shades, and obtaining the ‘real red’ came after much trial and error.

Today we have developed a product suited for both men and women, old or young. Nomad Zen can be a meditation stole, or a super wrap to snuggle into during the cold winter months.

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Nomad Connections

A red with a tinge of pink, a Tibetan Plateau-in–Autumn-red found in the shades of autumn bushes, or plastered on the walls of monastery houses.

This red in Norlha’s Nomad Connections melts into an intricate weave in the color of flaming bushes. Made from 100% yak wool, it is woven in a textured pattern that accents the natural colors of grey and white yaks. Warm and cozy, it will shelter you from the Plateau’s biting wind.

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