Norlha Textiles | Our Story: Blog - Celebrating Summer
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Natural Surroundings & Seasons

Celebrating Summer

Summer is short on the Tibetan plateau, beginning in late June with the hills gradually turning green. By late September, the wind, with a biting chill, begins to remind you of winter's approach. In early October the mornings greet you with a luminous layer of frost. With a steady stream of picnics Tibetans love to celebrate this magical time of year when the sun shines between stormy skies and the pasture is a riot of color. To honor summer, Norlha staged its own version of a Tibetan picnic, in a setting blending East and West.

Set in Western style, Norlha's table hosts diners gathered from Tibet and the Mediterranean, in a unique blend that, like Norlha itself, bridges the best of both worlds.

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