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Norlha's Yetis

At Norlha, we have our own version of the yeti. For most Tibetans, yetis are shy ape like creatures who can be very fierce if encountered in the wrong place on the wrong day. No one wants to bump into a yeti, and though the National Geographic has never managed to publish a photo of one, I always seem to meet someone who knows someone who has seen one.

Norlha’s yetis are shy creatures who stay away from humans and live in the rocky areas far above the village. Shepherds leading their herds pass them by, though they sometimes come out to play with children who are young enough not to realize that they are out of the ordinary. We figured that if Americans could make creatures as frightening as the grizzly bear into the cute little Teddy children sleep with, our yeti stood a chance.

We were right; though not as famous, Children love our yetis just like French and American children love their nounours or their teddy. The Yeti is playful, funny and cuddly and every child should have one.

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