Norlha Lifestyle in Context

Norlha textiles were created from the union of precious khullu and the skilled hands of local artisans. Together, they wove and spun a way of life embodied in the décor at Norden Camp. Norlha’s sister company, Norden, defines the other form of luxury that is Norlha; its tents and log cabins exude the warmth and comfort brought about by the carpets, soft furnishings, blankets and throws made by Norlha. Set on the Tibetan High Plateau grassland in a winter pasture surrounded by low trees, flowering bushes and meandering streams, Norden is an experience that introduces the visitor to the environment of the grassland, its food and culture. Norden is an immersion to the surrounding ecosystem, tempered by an organic comfort that demonstrates a unique way of using local raw materials.