Nomad Zen

My father’s favorite color is red. Not any red, but a dark maroon, the same shade as that of a Tibetan monk’s robes and that of the sacred walls in Tibetan monasteries. This is the color that reminds him of the many footprints he has left within monastery walls. Having lived overseas for over fifty years now, for him maroon is a nostalgic color, a color that connects him to his homeland.

For most Tibetans, red is a sacred and auspicious color that is believed to have protective qualities. Tibetan women celebrate red in the coral they wear. Coral is one of the five sacred stones of Tibetan Buddhists, symbolizing the life force energy and is seen to bring success in life.

At Norlha, achieving the perfect red was no easy feat. Red has a multitude of shades, and obtaining the ‘real red’ came after much trial and error.

Today we have developed a product suited for both men and women, old or young. Nomad Zen can be a meditation stole, or a super wrap to snuggle into during the cold winter months.