Fun and Games

The 15th rule in Norlha’s rule book clearly states, “No playing within the walls of the atelier.” 

Tibetan nomads love to play. In the winter it's snowball fights, while summers are filled with water fights. It starts with a single throw of a snowball and ends in a hundred people wrestling in the snow; stumbling and drenched but laughing so much tears are streaking and sides are aching. No one is spared, and the games are always men against women.

After three years of playing within the courtyard walls, broken glasses and managers tied to looms finally resulted in having it added to the rulebook that playing would result in a fine of 100 rmb. But the playing still continues outside the courtyard walls and in the grasslands. Water fights during the annual Norlha picnic, wrestling during a photoshoot or a snowball fight during lunch break are still a common form of stress relief for our Norlha artisans. Visiting guests who often happily join in quickly leave the games, panting and remarking at how Tibetan women are deceivingly strong! It is safer to watch from the sidelines!