Feather Waterfall

Norlha is a hub of creation, a place our master weavers and designers play with the infinite possibilities offered by the talent of our craftsmen and the exceptional materials we have at hand. Feather Waterfall is the result of this play, one on the tension between the warp and weft, in a weave combining very fine yak khullu and silk, bringing about the better of both worlds; the warmth of yak blending seamlessly with the delicate touch of silk. The scarf, developed six years ago, has a flowing texture that reminded us of a waterfall, evoking the many ways water is a part of life on the Tibetan Plateau; rivers of all different breadths and power, from a brook to the mighty Machu or Yellow River, flowing or iced over, as well as ponds, wetlands and lakes.

Feather Waterfall is what we call ‘wearable art’; a piece that can be enjoyed personally, with the lightness and comfort that it exudes and its exceptional texture. Feel is matched by look; a feast for the eyes thanks to the vibrancy of its colors and its exceptional draping qualities.