Norlha Textiles | Our Story: Blog - Norlha in Lhasa, Tibet
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Buildings & Space

Norlha in Lhasa, Tibet

Not yet ten years old, Norlha has become a concept, reflected by its philosophy, making and product range. The best way to express Norlha is in a store, and the strongest context for a brand whose identity is rooted in Tibet is in the heart of Tibet, Lhasa.

We dreamed of a Lhasa store for years. We felt that in a city that for centuries had been the embodiment of Tibetan culture and values, there had to be a place to buy a product that was made in a Tibetan area by Tibetans, from a raw material that emanated from the grasslands, one that represents new found opportunity to demonstrate the skill and knowhow that was reflected in Tibetan articrafts for centuries.

The Norlha store is two stories, allowing us to express Norlha to its fullest. Work had gone on since summer in a building close to the Barkhor belonging to our Lhasa partner Kunphen, with my son in law Yidam making several trips to direct the renovations. In October, Dechen and Yidam, along with our designer friend Isabelle Graz and her husband Dominique, a member of our Board, and Dorje, our Sales Manager, went to Lhasa to set up the store and put the finishing touches.

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